MLB Playoffs Eve: Moneyball 2, Trifecta Tiara, Mandatory Game 163s

Hey there SOUC-aholics, it’s Kyle.  It seems as though since I am back from my DMB hiatus on the show that I would figure out how to do this blog thing that Jeff was harping at Todd and I about.  Since Jeff already ranted about the NHL lockout, which I’m very depressed and irate about, I decided now was a good time to share my opinions on the final week/day of the 2012 MLB season.

There are many great storylines floating around this year’s version of the MLB playoffs. The biggest and maybe one of the most anticlimactic attention-getting headline is the fact that the A’s won the American League West. This is a team that started the season with a $55 million payroll, lost Gio Gonzalez (one of the names being mentioned for NL Cy Young), plays in the same division as the back-to-back World Series losing Texas Rangers and the Albert Pujols and Mike Trout-led California Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. (Had to, pick a damn location and have that be your city/state affiliation already.)

The Oakland Athletics not only came back from being 13 games back in the division in June, but they were 5 games back with 9 to play. They also won the division and let the Rangers settle for one of the two Wild Card places at home against the Rangers!
Sounds pretty similar to how the Rays dethroned the chicken and beer Red Sox does it not? Sure some of the overlooking could be due to the fact that the game was played during the day in California whereas game 162 between the Red Sox and Rays was on ESPN or ESPN2 during prime time. (Thanks ESPN’s east coast bias!) Add in the same scenario between the Orioles and Yankees, I’d say Bud Selig was quite the genius making the division such a sought after accomplishment.

I mean, who wants to play a mandatory game 163 to see who plays a division winner? Nobody. Being a Twins fan and having that happen consecutive years going 1-1 was enough. Sure they’re exciting and keep you on the edge of your seat but that’s what makes it so rare. The rarer, the better.

Speaking of rare, Miguel Cabrera accomplished a feat that no player has done since Carl Yastrzemski did it in 1967. Lead the league in Batting Avg, HR, and RBI.  Miguel Cabrera also became the first wife-beating alcoholic to win the Triple Crown! A lot of people are already making the claim that he should automatically win the AL MVP because of the Triple Crown. Unfortunately for Cabrera, AA doesn’t award the MVP. Ted Williams won the Triple Crown twice and didn’t win the MVP that same year. Although history shouldn’t be the only factor for deciding the MVP, it should definitely be taken into some consideration. I’m not really good at wrapping up blogs since this is pretty much the first one I’ve ever written so….

I never mentioned anything about Moneyball.

– Kyle


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