Word of Todd: They Say Yes Sometimes

Let me start off by apologizing to all for making the first non-sports post here.  We had a good run for a while.  Anyway, this piece is the result of time+caffeine while waiting for a flight.

Myself and other Unconscious Contributor Kyle Brager had the good fortune of seeing the brilliant Louis CK last evening.  He was hilarious, of course, but also rather inspiring.  He had an extended bit about dating and remarked how odd it was that women ever agree to go out on dates.  They know all men want to do is sleep with them, and yet they go out with us anyway.  People get together all the time, so try.  They say yes sometimes.

I think this applies to every area of life.  Try, sometimes “they” say yes.  Whatever you want sometimes works out.  Sometimes a company agrees to hire you.  Sometimes your boss will give you a raise/promotion/access to his private bathroom.  Sometimes the Apple store does have some more iPads in the back and the Asian hipster employee was holding out on you.  After all, what’s worse than hearing someone say no?  Wondering if they would have said yes.

Welcome to the blog, everybody.  Please stick around.


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