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As anyone in the local Twin Cities metro in Minnesota, the country, or anyone who follows Major League Baseball even the slightest bit knows the Minnesota Twins have been dreadfully awful the past two seasons. Equipped with a new refreshingly gorgeous outdoor ballpark, which I like to refer to as the Target Field cathedral, fans from all over Twins Territory have been chomping at the bits to get a glimpse of the beauty in person. That is, until you follow-up winning the AL Central Division for the sixth time out of nine years in the inaugural season with losing 99 and then 96 games. Yikes…that was rough!

Twins fans have suffered through a lot of losing these past two seasons and Terry Ryan is adamant in making some changes. Think he’s all talk and needs to walk the walk if he’s going to talk the talk? Well first of all, he officially shed the term interim from his title showing that he’s just as pissed as us about how crappy they were under the first year of his reign. Second, he either canned or shifted/demoted all of the coaches and trainers except for manager Ron Gardenhire and pitching coach Rick Anderson. It would’ve been impossible to get rid of one of those men because they’re a tandem that’s gone back to when they played in the minor leagues together. I understand that Gardenhire is the first MLB manager to not lose his job after leading back-to-back 95+ game losing seasons, but who is to say that a lot of the intangibles of hitting coaches, bench coaches, base coaches, faulty trainers, etc are really his fault? I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and see how he and Rick Anderson do with new and hopefully capable minds at the helm of those now-vacant positions.

Now, I realize that generally people who comment on articles, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, or really anything on the internet are some of the biggest scum on the planet. They’re the people who are always shopping at Wal-mart when you decide to give it a chance and realize that you’re the best-off person that’s ever stepped foot inside the doors. What I don’t understand is where Minnesota Twins fans or any fans for that matter get such a sense of entitlement from winning the World Series in 1987 and 1991 which could be argued were won with a lot of luck?

The Twins Facebook page posted a picture of the newly constructed canopy over the new right field drink rail seating area at Target Field and all of the comments are still calling for Gardenhire to be fired or how it doesn’t matter what type of seating they have because the product on the field will just lose 90+ games again. There was also a young man who said he has been a Twins fan for 19 years but if they don’t fix the roster drastically he will cease his fandom. (As an added note, he was wearing a New York Yankees cap in his profile picture…WTF?!?!?!?!) Majority of the comments had nothing to do with the seating area and why the hell would that affect their fandom? Nobody is forcing them to buy tickets in that area. Nobody is forcing you to be a Twins fan. So why go on their page and comment on the picture? It makes me sick and so glad that the internet and blogs and internet comments didn’t exist in the 1990’s.

Remember how terrible the Twins were from 1992-2001? Remember Chip Hale? Remember when Bud Selig threatened to contract the team along with the Montreal Expos? I will never be that cynical about the Twins. Having your team on the verge of extinction does something to make you not jaded. I love my Minnesota Twins and will continue going to games if they win the World Series or even if they continue to win 65 games every year. Every new season creates hopes, desires, memories, and let’s you relive history or make history.

I love baseball and I love the Minnesota Twins. I don’t feel the need to comment on the internet or threaten to just toss my years of Twins fandom aside if the product on the field doesn’t change ASAP. It doesn’t happen overnight and there are so many different formulas and approaches to create a winning team. Will there be another World Series champion Minnesota Twins team in my lifetime? Who knows. What I do know, is I’ll be waiting, watching, and listening every year regardless if it happens or not. 

– Kyle

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  1. Well stated Kyle. I couldn’t agree with you more. Read that last sentence again, because it may not happen again for a while. Very well thought out argument and even better stated! I’m really happy this blog exists!

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