Unconsciouss Blogging: 50/50 Split

Hey there Stream fans! It’s Jeff again with another unconscious (drunk, not sleep deprived) blog.

The big news this week is that the NHL has indeed come back with a pretty fair proposal to the NHLPA. They have come to a common ground with a 50/50 split of revenues. This is a huge move for the greedy owners. At this point you should go back and read my first post on my opinion on the current lockout in the NHL. This has been deemed to be a great movement for an NHL season this year. We might even have a full 82 game season this year if the players agree to the agreement today. However, Donald Fehr has come back to say that they like the fact that the owners have come back to a reasonable agreement with the players. But he is saying that, while the 50/5o split is nice, the owners are still asking for too much.

This is where Fehr is losing me a litt… a lot! The biggest sticking issue of this whole disagreement has been about the revenue split. The owners were asking for way to much. They have come back with a 50/50 split, which is where every outsider knew this would end up at. If the owners were able to come to this agreement, we all assumed that the rest of the CBA would just be a matter of time. But Fehr is saying that the owners are STILL demanding too much out of the players. This is asinine. You get what you want from the owners, and yes they might still be trying to ask for more than you want. But this is called negotiating. The owners shouldn’t just immediatly cave to the middle road. They made this propasl expecting a counter proposal from the players. Yet, Fehr decided to say that the owners are still being too greedy.

I have always said that the burden of this lockout lays about 90% on the owners. Fehr has now changed my mind. He got a very reasonable proposal from the NHL. yet instead of going to the owners and negotiating the final aspects of this contract, he emails the players and basically tells them to not even consider this offer. I don’t understand his strategy here. We are on the cusp of an 82 game season, yet not the NHLPA is now delaying the process even more. You don’t take this public, you go into a meeting with Gary Bettman and hammer out the smaller details and get this season going.

Do I think we will miss an entire season now? No. I think there will be a season in some form this year. But to miss out on an entire season because you want more from the owners, you have to be kidding me! None of this makes sense to me. On Tuesday, I thought we were in for the whole season, now, we might miss the winter classic and a full season. The players assosciation is now just as guilty/greedy the NHL.  Get the season going, now!


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