Jeff’s NFL Week 10 Picks

Just going to hop right into it this week. Here they are, PICKS!

Home team in CAPS

Colts over JAGUARS

The Colts are looking to make the playoffs this year. Andrew Luck has been everything as advertised and probably even more. This is the most surprising team this year. Jaguars are terrible as they always are. Colts by 6.

Giants over BENGALS

The Giants were looking like one of the top teams in the NFL, and despite a bad loss last week, I think they bounce back this week against an inferior Bengals team. The Giants pass rush is just too intimidating for the Bengals line to handle. Giants by 10.

DOLPHINS over Titans

The Titans are terrible this year. They don’t have a true quarterback to lead this team, and Chris Johnson is mediocre at best. Johnson has gone from the top running back in the league down to maybe top 15 in just a season and a half. I like what the Dolphins have, and next year they may be able to contend for a playoff spot. Their defense is good, Tannehill looks like he could be a good QB and their running game is bordering elite levels. Dolphins win by 7.

Lions over VIKINGS

Ugh, I don’t like either of these teams. How Calvin Johnson only has one touchdown halfway through the year is baffeling. But I can’t even think of picking the Vikings until Ponder can throw for 250 yards and 60% completion. He has fallen off the face of the Earth. Because it is at Mall of America Field, Lions win by 2.

PATRIOTS over Bills

Not wasting time here. Patriots by 21.

SAINTS over Falcons

Upset of the week! The Saints are on a roll, and Brees seems to be determined to not let his defense lose anymore games. He is hanging in the pocket and placing the ball perfectly in his receivers hands. The Falcons still haven’t really had any signature wins this year. I think the streak is over this week. Saints win a close one, 28-27.

BUCCANEERS over Chargers

Coming into the season if somebody told me that Josh Freeman would have more touchdowns and yards than Philip Rivers midway through the season, I would never have believed them. The Bucs offense is starting to click. Rivers is having a terrible year, and Norv is starting to look where he can coach next year (You stay away from my Eagles Norv!). Bucs win by 7.

Broncos over PANTHERS

After looking at the Broncos schedule the rest of the way, the Broncos only have two losable games left. This is not one of them. Peyton and co. are clicking. The scary part, I think Manning is still not even peaking yet. He will only get better the rest of the way. Broncos by 10.

RAVENS over Raiders

Not worth it. Ravens by 14.

SEAHAWKS over Jets

You want to know when you have a bad veteran quarterback? When rookie Russel Wilson is better than him. The Hawks may not lose a game at home this year. They have the best homefield advantage in the league, and it’s not even close. Especially when they play bad teams. Seattle pulls it out by 6.

EAGLES over Cowboys

Andy Reid is coaching for his job. Michael Vick is playing for the rest of his $100 million contract. I think they overcome being down 4 offensive line starters to manage a 3 point victory against the boys. (might be a biased pick)

49ERS over Rams

Whenever I think it’s a lock that the Rams are going to lose, they manage to make me look foolish. BUT! I think this game is a lock. The Niners are a team that has only really beaten themselves this year. And as long as they aren’t overlooking the Rams, they should win by 10.

BEARS over Tex….. Texans over BEA….. BEARS over Texans!

I have no IDEA! This is going to be a damn good game. Two great defenses going against each other. I think the Bears win by 2. And only because they are at home. Get some, Peanuts!

STEELERS over Chiefs

The Chiefs are TERRIBLE! Steelers ROLL over the Chiefs by 20.

Season record: 31-15


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