Skyfall: Helping Us Forget Quantum of Solace

Greetings SOUC Nation, Kyle here to bring you my thoughts on the latest chapter of our favorite MI6 agent: Bond, James Bond.

I’ve been a fan of 007 since Goldeneye. When it was released I was 9 years old and the video game was the sole focus around many childhood sleepovers. Since then I’ve seen quite a few of the Connery classics and enough to love the iconic Ian Flemming character.

Now I have been awaiting the release of Skyfall for quite some time now. Not so much Skyfall in particular but whatever could make me forget about the latest film Quantum of Solace. I judge most movies mainly around the lasting desire to watch them over and over again. I saw Casino Royale in the theaters 4 times and own it on DVD. As far as Quantum of Solace goes, I saw it once in the theater and that was it. Completely left with a one-time-only grade from Kyle.

Skyfall captures the attention right off the bat much like Casino Royale did with an overseas chase pre-credits. Nothing could’ve made me happier than to see that. I’m not going to spoil the film for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet but please go see this movie. Even if you haven’t seen any of the previous 22 Bond films and have no firsthand knowledge of his escapades, see this film. I went with my girlfriend who had no desire to see it and had never seen any other Bond movies and went with me basically because I paid for the tickets and the popcorn and she thought it was just a great movie alone.

The cast and everyone who worked on this film did an amazing job. Martin Bendes (director of American Beauty) does a fabulous job with the cinematography and the lighting. Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) was brilliant as the villain. Daniel Craig is a terrific James Bond once again and hope he continues the role for at least two more films. The personality he gives to the character makes Pierce Brosnan’s version look just cheesy and laughable. Even the main score by Adele was good and I hate Adele! 

I have the burning desire to see this movie in theaters at least once more and I have a strong feeling that we will have many more stories from our favorite Agent 007 to come.

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