Jeff’s Week 11 NFL Picks

I can’t believe I didn’t foresee that tie last week between the 49ers and Seahawks! I will make amends this week by still not picking any ties in the NFL… I guess that makes sense… PICKS!

Home team in CAPS

BILLS over Dolphins

This is a matchup between two teams that aren’t good, and are building for next year. I think each team has significant issues to hold them back this year. However Ryan Fitzpatrick should be able to put up enough for a 3 point win over the Dolphins.

FALCONS over Cardinals

This would be a bad week to be a Cardinals fan, player, coach, janitor, anyone that has anything to do with this team. The Falcons are going to come out of their first loss on fire. They are awake now after losing to the Saints last week (a Saints team that is better than their record). Look for Matt Ryan to throw up MVP numbers, and Atlanta’s defense to be scary good against whoever the Cards throw to the wolves at quarterback.

COWBOYS over Browns

This matchup is as simple as this, the Boys are still holding out hope for a playoff birth, if not a division championship this year. The Browns are curious as to which QB they get tin the draft next year. Cowboys win by 14.

Packers over LIONS

I foolishly made a bet before the season that the Lions would win at least 9 games this year. Needless to say, I have paid on that bet already. This is a flawed team that hasn’t gotten the deep ball going yet this season. Rogers is going to discount double check dance all over the Lions. Packers by 10.

Bengals over CHIEFS

I’m not sure the Chiefs can win another game this year. Sure, they made it competitive against the banged up Steelers on Monday night football. But that was in poor weather, and half the game played with Byron Leftwich throwing the ball (first pass attempt was so bad, it looked like a fumble [and was ruled one]). I also took the Chiefs nine games into the season before they got a regulation lead… Bengals by 9.

RAMS over Jets

The Jets are another team that is going to have to win before I pick them again this year. Unless they are playing a really horrible team (I’m looking at you Kansas City and Jacksonville). I think Jeff Fisher is finally getting the team to think like winners instead of losers, and it’s starting to show. This Rams team will be pretty good next year, and look to challenge for the playoffs. However, this week, they win by 7.

REDSKINS over Eagles

Sure, the Redskins defense is banged up. But so was the Saints when the Eagles got embarrassed and couldn’t move the ball enough against a historically bad defense. Will it get better with Nick Foles in for the injured Mike Vick? I doubt it. Eagles have enough talent to keep up with RGIII, but not enough. Skins by 3.

Buccaneers over PANTHERS

Doug Martin is making a case for rookie of the year for the Bucs right now. The Panthers won’t do anything until they get a new coach. Bucs by 10.

TEXANS over Jaguars

Read directly above ^^. Texans by 24.

Saints over RAIDERS

The Saints offense is humming along on all cylinders right now. And the Raiders just don’t have the manpower on defense to keep up (few teams do). And Carson Palmer and co. don’t have enough to keep pace either. Saints by 10.

BRONCOS over Chargers

Peyton Manning is looking for another MVP to add to his resume. And the Broncos can essentially lock up the AFC West this week. Unless Philip Rivers remembers how to throw a football to the players in the right uniforms, it’s not gonna be close. Broncos by 14.

Colts over PATRIOTS

Upset special of the week! I got it right last week, so I might as well keep picking an upset each week. This one isn’t as much of a reach as last week. But this could be the birth of Luck vs. Brady being the new Manning/Brady. I think the Colts will squeak out of New England with a 1 point win.

Ravens over STEELERS

I bet when the NFL made this weeks schedule, they weren’t picturing three of the 4 starting quarterbacks in their Sunday/Monday night games going down with injuries. The last one standing is Joe Flacco. Without Big Ben, the Steelers will struggle to keep this one from getting out of hand. Ravens run over the Steelers by 20.

49ERS over Bears

This game came down to home field advantage and which starting quarterback was more of a loss to which team. I don’t think anyone will disagree with me when I say that Jay Cutler is far more valuable to his team’s success than Alex Smith is to the Niners. Both teams field extremely tough defenses. However, Arian Foster showed that it is possible to wear down the Bears. So, like last Sunday night, I pick the home team by 1.

Season record: 39-21


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