Wonderings by Kyle

“I get my news from the Daily Show.” For a lot of us, this is a true statement. Comedy Central’s longest running show is a prime example of intelligence and humor coming together to create something truly magnificent.

How many of us really knew who Jon Stewart was before he took over the Daily Show in 1999? Really I knew him from was his brief role in Half Baked and his role as Kevin Gerrity in Adam Sandler’s last mediocrely funny film, Big Daddy. However, when Comedy Central decided to shift the show from pop culture to politics, it took a significant risk. Did the executives behind that decision honestly think that it’d win 18 Primetime Emmy awards and create an almost equally successful spin-off series The Colbert Report? I highly doubt it but boy has it.

The show’s writers and correspondents are hilarious and so many have gone onto bigger and more well-known things. Steve Carrell went on to star as the lovable Michael Scott on The Office and he was EVAN effing ALMIGHTY! Ed Helms also went on to star as Andy Bernard on The Office. Rob Riggle was the guy that yelled “Pow!” in Step Brothers and “Shut that baby up!” in the Hangover. Finally, Stephen Colbert starred in quite a few Goodwrench/Sears commercials before setting up shop behind a desk of his own on The Colbert Report.

In a time where politics seems to be getting more in-your-face with Twitter, Facebook, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, etc. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report offer their own 30 minute perspectives with the pure brilliance that only Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (Stephen! Stephen! Stephen! Stephen!) could deliver. There has never been a time where I’ve seen an episode of either show where I haven’t laughed out loud or been brought to tears. That won’t change no matter how many times I see Jon give the camera his “wtf” face after a news clip.

That is my moment of zen.


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