Dreaming of a Wild Christmas

Now that we finally got some of that frozen white stuff on the ground here in Minnesota, I’ve really been struggling with some mixed feelings as of late. The most prominent is that as Christmas looms less than a week away, the fact that we still don’t have any real idea if there will be a 2012-13 NHL season is quite depressing.

Growing up in Minnesota, hockey and winter go together like lamb and tuna fish. What, spaghetti and meatball a better analogy for you?! Nothing symbolizes the feelings that people generate for those two things like having your local NHL team’s colors be red and green. Coincidence? I very highly doubt it. The Minnesota Wild look like Christmas all season long. When I’m looking for red and green or Christmas-esque attire to wear around the holidays the only thing I find in my wardrobe are Wild shirts. So it’s just devastating to not be able to watch them play as Christmas approaches.

Maybe the NHL and NHLPA should get into the holiday spirit and realize what Christmas is all about. I think finally setting an end date to this pathetic display of greed and downright douchebagery once and for all would be the greatest gift to give this holiday season. Well, to whatever fans are still left anyway…

– Kyle ‘Baked-bean Guy’ Brager


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