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NFL Draft Live Blog

Because hey, why not? Refresh the page for updates.

6:58 Has this always been at Radio City? Seems like I’d remember that but then again I don’t pay attention.

6:58 Currently drinking? Summit Saga.

7:00 Excellent choice of The Heavy for an opening montage. Poor choice of Russell Wilson. And 50 Cent, holy crap.

7:02 Amazingly, Mel Kiper is the most likeable person on this panel. It’s not really even that close.

7:04 There are Chiefs fans there?

7:05 BOOOOO! COMMISH SUCKS!!! Wait, he said FREEDOM!! YAY!!!

7:06 Well, that was awkward. Never change, Joe Namath.

7:10 Berman: The Chiefs suck, but if they get good players, they could be better.


7:16 Chiefs take OT Eric Fisher. And the mock draft is off to a rousing start.

7:18 Blue collar = white.

7:19 “small school” Central Michigan? 28,389 students.

7:24 The Jaguars select who cares Luke Joeckel. Three piece suit, sharp.

7:27 The Raiders are hilarious. Never know what’s going to happen. I wouldn’t be shocked if they trade this pick for Marques Tuiasosopo.

7:31 Are there, like, rules on who you can draft? Can you draft ANYBODY? Do they even have to have played football? I’m just saying, I’m available for this sort of publicity stunt.

7:33 Oh the Raiders are the best.

7:34 The newly picking Dolphins select Dion Jordan DE (or OLB, nobody seems to know) out of Oregon. Interesting. Went 7th in our draft.

7:36 Gruden: Jordan is TERRIBLE! But here’s all these GREAT things about him! He sucks though! Maybe!

7:41 Dion’s heart will go on.

7:43 Eagles take the 3rd OT of the draft, Lane Johnson of Oklahoma. And the Chargers are already screwed and might as well trade.

7:44 I know the NFL are experts at wasting time, but the “pick is in” graphic is almost as meaningless as the glow puck. There’s still several minutes before the actual pick is made.

7:46 Berman speaking like a man who has played his share of Legos.

7:49 “Decimated” “shredded” also apt descriptions for the city of Detroit itself.

7:50 Confused Old Man Barry Sanders announces the Detroit Lions select Ezekiel Ansah, DE from BYU. He appears to have just come from a 3D movie.

7:54 Um, what?

7:55 The ever-present high picking Browns select Barky Mingo, DE out of LSU. He is a human/labrador hybrid.

7:59 Those guys sitting at those tables aren’t actually doing anything right? They just submit the pick? There has to be an easier way of doing this.

8:01 The Arizona Cardinals select Jackmerius Tacktheritrix, Michigan State.

8:03 Actually Jonathan Cooper, G out of UNC.

8:05 Rams are picking now apparently, trade or something. Mock Draft update, still 0-0. NECK AND NECK!

8:09 Nothing is continuing to happen. Oh wait, a pick! Goodell smiles at somebody in the crowd. Probably gas. Anyway, Rams select Tavon Austin, tiny WR from tiny state west of Virginia. He is immediately the second best WR named Austin in the NFL.

8:12 The Jets’ War Room is a toilet.

8:14 Who are the fat guys standing behind the table of every team on the clock? Is somebody going to attack them?

8:17 The Jorts select Dee Milliner, CB from Alabama. A surprisingly good pick from one of the NFL’s more stupid franchises. Dee is short for DeMarcus.

8:25 I’m awake. “Pick is in” is again a lie.

8:26 Tennessee Titties select Chance Warmack, G from Alabama. Big fella rockin’ the tie bar, but it’s too high.

8:31 My precious Chargers select…DAMMIT

8:33 DJ Fluker, fat ass from Alabama.

8:38 I’m mad now. Stupid Raiders select another DJ, Hayden this time. CB from Houston. No idea who this person is.

8:41 Geno looks lonely.

8:45 Seriously, stop showing him. It’s getting weird and awkward.

8:47 Jets take DT Sheldon Richardson from Missouri, who we had going 28th.

8:50 Seriously though, Fluker is a ridiculous choice. He’s big, but that’s all. He was the third best guard in the draft and there was no reason to take him at 11.

8:52 Panthers make the Chargers pick for them, DT Star Lotulelei out of Utah.


9:04 Everybody hates Geno.

9:08 Let’s call it a night there. Hit me up @WordOfTodd.


Mock Draught 2.0

On this week’s podcast, Todd and Kyle did a mock draft for the upcoming NFL draft. They flexed their great football minds. There were reaches, steals, and some pouting. Unfortunately, when I went to edit and post the episode, I may have forgotten to save the file. So I thought I’d post the draft results here.

In addition, I made a game out of this, and we will be crowning a champion after the first round is completed. The guys will get 1 point for getting the slot the player is selected correctly, 1 point for the correct team, and a bonus point if they nail both. So each draft selection there is a possibility to get 3 points. No trades were allowed/taken into account while selecting.

Without further ado, here are the results:

Todd had the first pick, and alternated picks with Kyle throughout.

1. Luke Joeckel – Chiefs

2. Eric Fisher – Jaguars

3. Dee Milliner – Raiders

4. Ezekial Ansah – Eagles

5. Lane Johnson – Lions

6. Geno Smith – Browns

7. Dion Jordon – Cards

8. Chance Warmack – Bills

9. Barkevious Mingo – Jets

10. Jonathon Cooper – Titans

11. Star Lotulelei – Chargers

12. D.J. Fluker – Dolphins

13. Kenny Vaccaro – Jets

14. Tavon Austin – Panthers

15. Sharrif Floyd – Saints

16. Cordarelle Patterson – Rams

17. Alec Ogeletree – Steelers

18. Desmond Trufant – Cowboys

19. Jarvis Jones – Giants

20. Manti Te’o – Bears

21. Jon Cyprien – Bengals

22. Sylvester Williams – Rams

23. Kevin Minter – Vikings

24. Xavier Rhodes – Colts

25. Robert Woods – Vikings

26. Montee Ball – Packers

27. Justin Hunter – Texans

28. Sheldon Richardson – Broncos

29. Justin Pugh – Pats

30. Tyler Eifert – Falcons

31. Zach Ertz – 49ers

32. Matt Elam – Ravens

Jeff’s prediction, Todd will win in a route. (Sorry Kyle)

A little over twenty four hours ago, a horrific event occurred that everyone has heard of by now. To me this was a “where were you moment.”
4:09:44 into the Boston Marathon, there was an explosion at the finish line. Marathon runners would say they thought it was just a cannon going off for celebrating the race and accomplishments that they had all just completed. Moments later, another explosion occurred. Panic set in as waves of people were sent scattering in all directions. Smoke filled the air of Boylston Street. Blood stained the streets and sidewalks.
After the initial shock of the incident, the usual questions raced through my head. Are we under attack? Could this have possibly been an accident?
As the hours passed, we would find out that it was not an accident. Two bombs were detonated at or near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

From what I understand, the Boston Marathon is one of the most sacred days of the year for the state of Massachusetts. It is a day when hundreds of people push their bodies to the limits. It is a day of celebration. It is a day to be cherished. It is a day of celebration. A day of happiness.
Instead the citizens of Boston, and the rest of the country were left with a day of terror, shock, sadness and grieving. But this is not why I will ultimately remember this day.
I will remember this day for the opposite reason. I will remember the image of Boston’s finest running towards the chaos. I will remember the bravery and courage of all of the members of the police department that cleared the area of innocent people, so they wouldn’t be in harms way, all while they remained behind in harms way to help the wounded.
The images of people on gurneys, the people crying, the people screaming in terror will not be what I remember most about this day. The image that will stick in my head when this event is brought up is the one that most people have seen by now. It is the image of police rushing into the streets right after the explosion to help a runner who was knocked down by the blast. They bolted into action without second thought. Without thinking of their own safety.
The actions of these individuals, along with everyone else that ran towards the chaos is what this day will ultimately be about for me. It acts as a metaphor for this nation for me. No matter what happens. No matter what someone does to us, you won’t beat us. Sure, in the initial shock and awe of what happens, we may run. But there are those of us who will stand up and fight to protect us all. There are American heroes. And when the rest of us see these men and women jump into action without any hesitation, it INSPIRES the rest of us. This is what makes America strong. This is what makes us a nation undividable. One attack will make us rally together, and become stronger than ever before. These actions are what make young boys and girls want to grow up and aspire to be the protectors. Each time you hit us, you create another generation of American Heroes. And after the tragedy that occurred in the city of Boston, now is the time for American Heroes.
And there are also a select few who need to be mentioned. The three who lost their lives in the bombing. A Chinese student studying at Harvard. An eight year old boy. And a member of the class of 2001 from Medford High School. Our thoughts and well wishes go out to these people, and especially their friends and family.

Unnamed Chinese national
Martin Richard
Krystal Campbell

You will all be missed.