Ky B’s Rage: Budweiser Black Crown Edition

I figured since Todd has his “Word of Todd” segmented posts that I might as well come up with my own. Ky B’s Rage, a play on my name!, is going to be a forum about what’s bothering me. Kind of like what grinds Peter Griffin’s gears.


Last night during the Boston Red Sox clinching World Series game, this came on the TV:


Now, I understand that Budweiser is the biggest mass brewing brand in the US and possibly the world but, a few things about this ad made me rage.

1) No George Clooney voiceover.

Come on Bud, what’d we do to deserve this? If I’m going to sit through a 30 second commercial, especially one of a new brew you’re launching, at LEAST let me listen to George Clooney tell me about it! 

2) There’s no way that those people in this commercial would buy this.

Featured in this ad was a dance club or hip place for people to go on a Saturday night.  You’re gonna tell me that what they want to do is all order the same thing and it’s all going to be beer? The people in this ad would be more likely to have rail whiskey and rum rather than a new golden amber lager. If they WERE going to drink beer, they’d be those dude-bros you see out drinking Heineken.

3) You’re not a micro-brew.

I feel like this is trying to capitalize on the huge boom in craft beer over the past decade. It’ll probably sell cause it’s a sweet new black Budweiser bottle! But really, if you had the choice wouldn’t you rather pick up a sixer of a golden amber lager produced by some local people that just have a burning passion about beer? I know I would.


This has been the first edition of Ky B’s Rage. Check back to see what I rage about next.


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