Ky B’s Rage: Fantasy Football Edition

Dear Fantasy Football,

Why do I play you?

All you do is give me anxiety. Second, triple, quadruple guessing who to start and who to pick up and then Chris Ivory gets 15 points on my bench while Riley Cooper got 6 in my FLEX position.

A crapshoot, that’s all you are. So-called “experts” from Yahoo!, CBS Sports, ESPN, etc. claim to know what they’re doing but they don’t either. Nobody does.

Is anyone ever really 100% satisfied with their entire roster going into the week? Even if I think I feel remotely close to it, the doubts creep in as soon as the games kickoff at Noon.

Every year at about this time in the season, regardless of where my team is in the standings, I always tell myself I should quit you. I’m just scared of the uncertainty of living through the NFL season without you.

I’ll contemplate that decision again later, for now I will just keep hating you every week.



P.S. I really hate Ray Rice.


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