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NFL Draft Live Blog

Because hey, why not? Refresh the page for updates.

6:58 Has this always been at Radio City? Seems like I’d remember that but then again I don’t pay attention.

6:58 Currently drinking? Summit Saga.

7:00 Excellent choice of The Heavy for an opening montage. Poor choice of Russell Wilson. And 50 Cent, holy crap.

7:02 Amazingly, Mel Kiper is the most likeable person on this panel. It’s not really even that close.

7:04 There are Chiefs fans there?

7:05 BOOOOO! COMMISH SUCKS!!! Wait, he said FREEDOM!! YAY!!!

7:06 Well, that was awkward. Never change, Joe Namath.

7:10 Berman: The Chiefs suck, but if they get good players, they could be better.


7:16 Chiefs take OT Eric Fisher. And the mock draft is off to a rousing start.

7:18 Blue collar = white.

7:19 “small school” Central Michigan? 28,389 students.

7:24 The Jaguars select who cares Luke Joeckel. Three piece suit, sharp.

7:27 The Raiders are hilarious. Never know what’s going to happen. I wouldn’t be shocked if they trade this pick for Marques Tuiasosopo.

7:31 Are there, like, rules on who you can draft? Can you draft ANYBODY? Do they even have to have played football? I’m just saying, I’m available for this sort of publicity stunt.

7:33 Oh the Raiders are the best.

7:34 The newly picking Dolphins select Dion Jordan DE (or OLB, nobody seems to know) out of Oregon. Interesting. Went 7th in our draft.

7:36 Gruden: Jordan is TERRIBLE! But here’s all these GREAT things about him! He sucks though! Maybe!

7:41 Dion’s heart will go on.

7:43 Eagles take the 3rd OT of the draft, Lane Johnson of Oklahoma. And the Chargers are already screwed and might as well trade.

7:44 I know the NFL are experts at wasting time, but the “pick is in” graphic is almost as meaningless as the glow puck. There’s still several minutes before the actual pick is made.

7:46 Berman speaking like a man who has played his share of Legos.

7:49 “Decimated” “shredded” also apt descriptions for the city of Detroit itself.

7:50 Confused Old Man Barry Sanders announces the Detroit Lions select Ezekiel Ansah, DE from BYU. He appears to have just come from a 3D movie.

7:54 Um, what?

7:55 The ever-present high picking Browns select Barky Mingo, DE out of LSU. He is a human/labrador hybrid.

7:59 Those guys sitting at those tables aren’t actually doing anything right? They just submit the pick? There has to be an easier way of doing this.

8:01 The Arizona Cardinals select Jackmerius Tacktheritrix, Michigan State.

8:03 Actually Jonathan Cooper, G out of UNC.

8:05 Rams are picking now apparently, trade or something. Mock Draft update, still 0-0. NECK AND NECK!

8:09 Nothing is continuing to happen. Oh wait, a pick! Goodell smiles at somebody in the crowd. Probably gas. Anyway, Rams select Tavon Austin, tiny WR from tiny state west of Virginia. He is immediately the second best WR named Austin in the NFL.

8:12 The Jets’ War Room is a toilet.

8:14 Who are the fat guys standing behind the table of every team on the clock? Is somebody going to attack them?

8:17 The Jorts select Dee Milliner, CB from Alabama. A surprisingly good pick from one of the NFL’s more stupid franchises. Dee is short for DeMarcus.

8:25 I’m awake. “Pick is in” is again a lie.

8:26 Tennessee Titties select Chance Warmack, G from Alabama. Big fella rockin’ the tie bar, but it’s too high.

8:31 My precious Chargers select…DAMMIT

8:33 DJ Fluker, fat ass from Alabama.

8:38 I’m mad now. Stupid Raiders select another DJ, Hayden this time. CB from Houston. No idea who this person is.

8:41 Geno looks lonely.

8:45 Seriously, stop showing him. It’s getting weird and awkward.

8:47 Jets take DT Sheldon Richardson from Missouri, who we had going 28th.

8:50 Seriously though, Fluker is a ridiculous choice. He’s big, but that’s all. He was the third best guard in the draft and there was no reason to take him at 11.

8:52 Panthers make the Chargers pick for them, DT Star Lotulelei out of Utah.


9:04 Everybody hates Geno.

9:08 Let’s call it a night there. Hit me up @WordOfTodd.


Mock Draught 2.0

On this week’s podcast, Todd and Kyle did a mock draft for the upcoming NFL draft. They flexed their great football minds. There were reaches, steals, and some pouting. Unfortunately, when I went to edit and post the episode, I may have forgotten to save the file. So I thought I’d post the draft results here.

In addition, I made a game out of this, and we will be crowning a champion after the first round is completed. The guys will get 1 point for getting the slot the player is selected correctly, 1 point for the correct team, and a bonus point if they nail both. So each draft selection there is a possibility to get 3 points. No trades were allowed/taken into account while selecting.

Without further ado, here are the results:

Todd had the first pick, and alternated picks with Kyle throughout.

1. Luke Joeckel – Chiefs

2. Eric Fisher – Jaguars

3. Dee Milliner – Raiders

4. Ezekial Ansah – Eagles

5. Lane Johnson – Lions

6. Geno Smith – Browns

7. Dion Jordon – Cards

8. Chance Warmack – Bills

9. Barkevious Mingo – Jets

10. Jonathon Cooper – Titans

11. Star Lotulelei – Chargers

12. D.J. Fluker – Dolphins

13. Kenny Vaccaro – Jets

14. Tavon Austin – Panthers

15. Sharrif Floyd – Saints

16. Cordarelle Patterson – Rams

17. Alec Ogeletree – Steelers

18. Desmond Trufant – Cowboys

19. Jarvis Jones – Giants

20. Manti Te’o – Bears

21. Jon Cyprien – Bengals

22. Sylvester Williams – Rams

23. Kevin Minter – Vikings

24. Xavier Rhodes – Colts

25. Robert Woods – Vikings

26. Montee Ball – Packers

27. Justin Hunter – Texans

28. Sheldon Richardson – Broncos

29. Justin Pugh – Pats

30. Tyler Eifert – Falcons

31. Zach Ertz – 49ers

32. Matt Elam – Ravens

Jeff’s prediction, Todd will win in a route. (Sorry Kyle)

Dreaming of a Wild Christmas

Now that we finally got some of that frozen white stuff on the ground here in Minnesota, I’ve really been struggling with some mixed feelings as of late. The most prominent is that as Christmas looms less than a week away, the fact that we still don’t have any real idea if there will be a 2012-13 NHL season is quite depressing.

Growing up in Minnesota, hockey and winter go together like lamb and tuna fish. What, spaghetti and meatball a better analogy for you?! Nothing symbolizes the feelings that people generate for those two things like having your local NHL team’s colors be red and green. Coincidence? I very highly doubt it. The Minnesota Wild look like Christmas all season long. When I’m looking for red and green or Christmas-esque attire to wear around the holidays the only thing I find in my wardrobe are Wild shirts. So it’s just devastating to not be able to watch them play as Christmas approaches.

Maybe the NHL and NHLPA should get into the holiday spirit and realize what Christmas is all about. I think finally setting an end date to this pathetic display of greed and downright douchebagery once and for all would be the greatest gift to give this holiday season. Well, to whatever fans are still left anyway…

– Kyle ‘Baked-bean Guy’ Brager

Jeff’s Week 11 NFL Picks

I can’t believe I didn’t foresee that tie last week between the 49ers and Seahawks! I will make amends this week by still not picking any ties in the NFL… I guess that makes sense… PICKS!

Home team in CAPS

BILLS over Dolphins

This is a matchup between two teams that aren’t good, and are building for next year. I think each team has significant issues to hold them back this year. However Ryan Fitzpatrick should be able to put up enough for a 3 point win over the Dolphins.

FALCONS over Cardinals

This would be a bad week to be a Cardinals fan, player, coach, janitor, anyone that has anything to do with this team. The Falcons are going to come out of their first loss on fire. They are awake now after losing to the Saints last week (a Saints team that is better than their record). Look for Matt Ryan to throw up MVP numbers, and Atlanta’s defense to be scary good against whoever the Cards throw to the wolves at quarterback.

COWBOYS over Browns

This matchup is as simple as this, the Boys are still holding out hope for a playoff birth, if not a division championship this year. The Browns are curious as to which QB they get tin the draft next year. Cowboys win by 14.

Packers over LIONS

I foolishly made a bet before the season that the Lions would win at least 9 games this year. Needless to say, I have paid on that bet already. This is a flawed team that hasn’t gotten the deep ball going yet this season. Rogers is going to discount double check dance all over the Lions. Packers by 10.

Bengals over CHIEFS

I’m not sure the Chiefs can win another game this year. Sure, they made it competitive against the banged up Steelers on Monday night football. But that was in poor weather, and half the game played with Byron Leftwich throwing the ball (first pass attempt was so bad, it looked like a fumble [and was ruled one]). I also took the Chiefs nine games into the season before they got a regulation lead… Bengals by 9.

RAMS over Jets

The Jets are another team that is going to have to win before I pick them again this year. Unless they are playing a really horrible team (I’m looking at you Kansas City and Jacksonville). I think Jeff Fisher is finally getting the team to think like winners instead of losers, and it’s starting to show. This Rams team will be pretty good next year, and look to challenge for the playoffs. However, this week, they win by 7.

REDSKINS over Eagles

Sure, the Redskins defense is banged up. But so was the Saints when the Eagles got embarrassed and couldn’t move the ball enough against a historically bad defense. Will it get better with Nick Foles in for the injured Mike Vick? I doubt it. Eagles have enough talent to keep up with RGIII, but not enough. Skins by 3.

Buccaneers over PANTHERS

Doug Martin is making a case for rookie of the year for the Bucs right now. The Panthers won’t do anything until they get a new coach. Bucs by 10.

TEXANS over Jaguars

Read directly above ^^. Texans by 24.

Saints over RAIDERS

The Saints offense is humming along on all cylinders right now. And the Raiders just don’t have the manpower on defense to keep up (few teams do). And Carson Palmer and co. don’t have enough to keep pace either. Saints by 10.

BRONCOS over Chargers

Peyton Manning is looking for another MVP to add to his resume. And the Broncos can essentially lock up the AFC West this week. Unless Philip Rivers remembers how to throw a football to the players in the right uniforms, it’s not gonna be close. Broncos by 14.

Colts over PATRIOTS

Upset special of the week! I got it right last week, so I might as well keep picking an upset each week. This one isn’t as much of a reach as last week. But this could be the birth of Luck vs. Brady being the new Manning/Brady. I think the Colts will squeak out of New England with a 1 point win.

Ravens over STEELERS

I bet when the NFL made this weeks schedule, they weren’t picturing three of the 4 starting quarterbacks in their Sunday/Monday night games going down with injuries. The last one standing is Joe Flacco. Without Big Ben, the Steelers will struggle to keep this one from getting out of hand. Ravens run over the Steelers by 20.

49ERS over Bears

This game came down to home field advantage and which starting quarterback was more of a loss to which team. I don’t think anyone will disagree with me when I say that Jay Cutler is far more valuable to his team’s success than Alex Smith is to the Niners. Both teams field extremely tough defenses. However, Arian Foster showed that it is possible to wear down the Bears. So, like last Sunday night, I pick the home team by 1.

Season record: 39-21


Howling for the Masses

Hey SOUC folk, Kyle here! Since there was no show this week due to the United State Presidential Election, I figured I would contribute in blog form on something amazing that happened!

Due to the NHL-PA enforced lockout, I’ve been struggling with what to do with my time. Typically when the World Series is over I officially turn into a hockey zombie. I mark on my calendar when the Blackhawks and Wild are playing on National TV throughout the season, my clothing attire turns from Twins shirts to Blackhawks and Wild shirts and hoodies, and anything else geekily related to being an obsessed NHL fan. So you can clearly see that I’m having a weird withdrawl-related self discovery period right now. I’ve decided to try and fill that void by following the Barclay’s Premier League and the NBA. Desperately hoping that having two sports can take my mind off of it. So far it’s been going okay but there was a huge breakthrough this past Monday night that will be etched in my brain of sports memories for years.

A day after losing to the Toronto Raptors, the Minnesota Timberwolves traveled to Brooklyn to take on the Nets at their new home. With the way they lost to Toronto and without the services of stars Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio, the Timberwolves seemed to be in for a long night against Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and the rest of the Nets.

The Wolves were down pretty much from the get-go and the deficit grew to 22 points. However, the squad comprised of Nikola Pekovic, Derrick Williams, Luke Ridnour, Brandon Roy, Chase Budinger, Dante Cunningham, JJ Barea, & Andrei Kirilenko kept fighting. Creating 3-point chances and working as a full unit, they clawed their way back and then some defeating Jay-Z’s squad by 11 points.

This new-look group is exciting to watch, there’s no doubting that. One can only wait and dream about what will happen when Kevin Love comes back from injury within the next few weeks. I think that’s enough for me to not care about missing the NHL for a while at least.

– Kyle

Jeff’s NFL Week 10 Picks

Just going to hop right into it this week. Here they are, PICKS!

Home team in CAPS

Colts over JAGUARS

The Colts are looking to make the playoffs this year. Andrew Luck has been everything as advertised and probably even more. This is the most surprising team this year. Jaguars are terrible as they always are. Colts by 6.

Giants over BENGALS

The Giants were looking like one of the top teams in the NFL, and despite a bad loss last week, I think they bounce back this week against an inferior Bengals team. The Giants pass rush is just too intimidating for the Bengals line to handle. Giants by 10.

DOLPHINS over Titans

The Titans are terrible this year. They don’t have a true quarterback to lead this team, and Chris Johnson is mediocre at best. Johnson has gone from the top running back in the league down to maybe top 15 in just a season and a half. I like what the Dolphins have, and next year they may be able to contend for a playoff spot. Their defense is good, Tannehill looks like he could be a good QB and their running game is bordering elite levels. Dolphins win by 7.

Lions over VIKINGS

Ugh, I don’t like either of these teams. How Calvin Johnson only has one touchdown halfway through the year is baffeling. But I can’t even think of picking the Vikings until Ponder can throw for 250 yards and 60% completion. He has fallen off the face of the Earth. Because it is at Mall of America Field, Lions win by 2.

PATRIOTS over Bills

Not wasting time here. Patriots by 21.

SAINTS over Falcons

Upset of the week! The Saints are on a roll, and Brees seems to be determined to not let his defense lose anymore games. He is hanging in the pocket and placing the ball perfectly in his receivers hands. The Falcons still haven’t really had any signature wins this year. I think the streak is over this week. Saints win a close one, 28-27.

BUCCANEERS over Chargers

Coming into the season if somebody told me that Josh Freeman would have more touchdowns and yards than Philip Rivers midway through the season, I would never have believed them. The Bucs offense is starting to click. Rivers is having a terrible year, and Norv is starting to look where he can coach next year (You stay away from my Eagles Norv!). Bucs win by 7.

Broncos over PANTHERS

After looking at the Broncos schedule the rest of the way, the Broncos only have two losable games left. This is not one of them. Peyton and co. are clicking. The scary part, I think Manning is still not even peaking yet. He will only get better the rest of the way. Broncos by 10.

RAVENS over Raiders

Not worth it. Ravens by 14.

SEAHAWKS over Jets

You want to know when you have a bad veteran quarterback? When rookie Russel Wilson is better than him. The Hawks may not lose a game at home this year. They have the best homefield advantage in the league, and it’s not even close. Especially when they play bad teams. Seattle pulls it out by 6.

EAGLES over Cowboys

Andy Reid is coaching for his job. Michael Vick is playing for the rest of his $100 million contract. I think they overcome being down 4 offensive line starters to manage a 3 point victory against the boys. (might be a biased pick)

49ERS over Rams

Whenever I think it’s a lock that the Rams are going to lose, they manage to make me look foolish. BUT! I think this game is a lock. The Niners are a team that has only really beaten themselves this year. And as long as they aren’t overlooking the Rams, they should win by 10.

BEARS over Tex….. Texans over BEA….. BEARS over Texans!

I have no IDEA! This is going to be a damn good game. Two great defenses going against each other. I think the Bears win by 2. And only because they are at home. Get some, Peanuts!

STEELERS over Chiefs

The Chiefs are TERRIBLE! Steelers ROLL over the Chiefs by 20.

Season record: 31-15

Jeff’s Week 9 NFL Picks

Welcome to the only post on the blog! My week nine NFL picks segment! Again, posting this really late, work in the morning into the late evening, so I will not be going into depth on my picks. I skipped the Thursday night game, because it was the Chiefs against the Chargers. Nobody outside of Kansas City or San Diego cared (excpet for maybe Todd, in that case I wanted to pick the Chiefs). Without further ado, PICKS!

Home team in CAPS

Broncos over BENGALS

Ravens over BROWNS

PACKERS over Cardinals

Bears over TITANS

COLTS over Dolphins

REDSKINS over Panthers

Lions over Jaguars

TEXANS over Bills

RAIDERS over Bucs

SEAHAWKS over Vikings

Steelers over GIANTS

Cowboys over FALCONS (upset pick of the week)

Eagles over SAINTS

Record so far: 23-10

Jeff’s Week 8 NFL Picks

Sorry about the lack of picks the past couple of weeks folks. Been pretty busy with work and other things. I don’t have a whole lot of time here either, so no explanation or game by game breakdown. So without further ado, this weeks picks.

Home team in CAPS

VIKINGS over Bucs

BEARS over Panthers

Chargers over BROWNS

LIONS over Seahawks

PACKERS over Jags

TITANS over Colts

Patriots over RAMS

JETS over Dolphins

EAGLES over Falcons

STEELERS over Redskins

Raiders over CHIEFS

Giants over COWBOYS

BRONCOS over Saints

49ers over CARDINALS

Record so far this season: 13-5

Shout Hip-Hip Hooray!

As anyone in the local Twin Cities metro in Minnesota, the country, or anyone who follows Major League Baseball even the slightest bit knows the Minnesota Twins have been dreadfully awful the past two seasons. Equipped with a new refreshingly gorgeous outdoor ballpark, which I like to refer to as the Target Field cathedral, fans from all over Twins Territory have been chomping at the bits to get a glimpse of the beauty in person. That is, until you follow-up winning the AL Central Division for the sixth time out of nine years in the inaugural season with losing 99 and then 96 games. Yikes…that was rough!

Twins fans have suffered through a lot of losing these past two seasons and Terry Ryan is adamant in making some changes. Think he’s all talk and needs to walk the walk if he’s going to talk the talk? Well first of all, he officially shed the term interim from his title showing that he’s just as pissed as us about how crappy they were under the first year of his reign. Second, he either canned or shifted/demoted all of the coaches and trainers except for manager Ron Gardenhire and pitching coach Rick Anderson. It would’ve been impossible to get rid of one of those men because they’re a tandem that’s gone back to when they played in the minor leagues together. I understand that Gardenhire is the first MLB manager to not lose his job after leading back-to-back 95+ game losing seasons, but who is to say that a lot of the intangibles of hitting coaches, bench coaches, base coaches, faulty trainers, etc are really his fault? I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and see how he and Rick Anderson do with new and hopefully capable minds at the helm of those now-vacant positions.

Now, I realize that generally people who comment on articles, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, or really anything on the internet are some of the biggest scum on the planet. They’re the people who are always shopping at Wal-mart when you decide to give it a chance and realize that you’re the best-off person that’s ever stepped foot inside the doors. What I don’t understand is where Minnesota Twins fans or any fans for that matter get such a sense of entitlement from winning the World Series in 1987 and 1991 which could be argued were won with a lot of luck?

The Twins Facebook page posted a picture of the newly constructed canopy over the new right field drink rail seating area at Target Field and all of the comments are still calling for Gardenhire to be fired or how it doesn’t matter what type of seating they have because the product on the field will just lose 90+ games again. There was also a young man who said he has been a Twins fan for 19 years but if they don’t fix the roster drastically he will cease his fandom. (As an added note, he was wearing a New York Yankees cap in his profile picture…WTF?!?!?!?!) Majority of the comments had nothing to do with the seating area and why the hell would that affect their fandom? Nobody is forcing them to buy tickets in that area. Nobody is forcing you to be a Twins fan. So why go on their page and comment on the picture? It makes me sick and so glad that the internet and blogs and internet comments didn’t exist in the 1990’s.

Remember how terrible the Twins were from 1992-2001? Remember Chip Hale? Remember when Bud Selig threatened to contract the team along with the Montreal Expos? I will never be that cynical about the Twins. Having your team on the verge of extinction does something to make you not jaded. I love my Minnesota Twins and will continue going to games if they win the World Series or even if they continue to win 65 games every year. Every new season creates hopes, desires, memories, and let’s you relive history or make history.

I love baseball and I love the Minnesota Twins. I don’t feel the need to comment on the internet or threaten to just toss my years of Twins fandom aside if the product on the field doesn’t change ASAP. It doesn’t happen overnight and there are so many different formulas and approaches to create a winning team. Will there be another World Series champion Minnesota Twins team in my lifetime? Who knows. What I do know, is I’ll be waiting, watching, and listening every year regardless if it happens or not. 

– Kyle

Jeff’s Week 5 NFL Picks

Well, with failing to finish my picks last week due to work and other commitments, I am determined to get at least more games under my belt this week. Again, not using point spreads at all here, just a straight win or loss prediction.

Home team in CAPS

Cardinals over RAMS

Okay, I can’t get a Rams prediction wrong two weeks in a row, right?… Right? Anyways, in this week’s Thursday night game, I see the Cards taking this one based on their talented, if not overachieving defense. Kevin Kolb is doing just enough to not lose games, and with the way the defense has indeed been playing, I can see that being enough to overtake the Rams in a close game.

BENGALS over Dolphins

This one should be pretty easy for the Andy Dalton lead Bengals. Their offense will be able to pull this one from the Dolphins, who despite not terrible numbers from their defense, can’t seem to find ways to win games. Oh yeah, that’s because they went with Ryan Tannehill with their QB this year. As long as he keeps turning the ball over, the Dolphins will be struggling all year. But on the plus side, Blaine Gabbert was doing the exact same thing last year, and just look at his improvement this year.

Packers over COLTS

The Pack Attack should be too much for a young Colts team that is going to continue it’s growing pains this year. Despite close games this year, the Packers offense will be too much for this defense to contain. As we all know, the Packers should also be 3-1 instead of 2-2 this year. Long story short, Packers finally dominate a team this year and win by 2 scores.

Ravens over CHIEFS

An easy pick this week. The Ravens might be the second best team in the AFC this year going against one of the worst teams in the league. Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and comapny will destroy the Chiefs to the tune of two touchdowns.

GIANTS over Browns

Eli Manning is having another elite season as the Giants signal caller. The Giants are a better team than their record indicates, and came within an offensive pass interference call last week of winning that game. Look for them to get going against the Browns. Even the Giants banged up secondary will be able to contain this pathetic Browns offense. The Giants pass rush will also look to take over and be in Brandon Weeden’s face all game long.

STEELERS over Eagles

The Steelers used the bye week to get healthy in a big way. After coming out of the gates slow this year, the Steelers get Rashard Mendenhall, Troy Polamalu and James Harrison back from injury. In Harrison’s case, it’ll be his first action of the year. With both Polamalu and Harrison back in the lineup, the Eagles will need to come out of the gates strong, or else they may end up not being able to get the lead at all in this game. However, the Eagles defense has been formidible this year as well. If this game was in Philly, I might go with the Eagles. Steelers win by a field goal.

Falcons over REDSKINS

Matty Ice will continue his MVP quality season against a banged up Redskins team. Without Orakpo and Kerrigan I don’t see the Skins being able to get enough pressure on Ryan. He will have all day to find his weapons downfield. And if the pass rush does pick up, the Falcons won’t be afraid to turn to Michael Turner out of the backfield. Falcons win by a touchdown.

Seahawks overr PANTHERS

I have a hard time believing that the Panthers can win a game until they show that they have a running game past Cam Newton. Newton leads the team in rushing yards with 167 on the year. Russel Wilson needs to step up as well. The Seahawks have the worst passing attack in the league. However, Marshawn Lynch is looking like a stud this year, and will carry the Seahawks past the Panthers by six points.

Bears over JAGUARS

I don’t see the Bears falling behind at any point in this game. Their defense is too old good this year to let the Jaguars get anything started in the air or on the ground. All this means that Jay Cutler won’t have anytime to mope or get cranky, so he should have a good day as well. Bears win by nine.

VIKINGS over Titans

The Minnesota Vikings will continue to shine in their surprising season this year by taking advantage of playing a not so good Titans team at home. On paper, these two teams are actually very similar, so this one might be close. This is assuming that Chris Johnson can prove to us that he isn’t washed up and can actually be a productive back, forget about 2,000 yards anymore. Just show us a sign that you’re still alive. I think that being opposite Adrian Peterson might bring out his competitive side and he has a good game. However it won’t be enough against the ball controlling Vikings. Vikings win by a touchdown.

PATRIOTS over Broncos

This one I went back and forth on. In the end I decided that Tom Brady will be good enough to get the Patriots the victory. I’m expeting a rather high scoring game between these two. I could easily see this game going the other way if Peyton Manning shows up for it and continues to improve in his first game against his old rival Brady. However right now I see the Pats winning by seven.

49ERS over Bills

I would say that the Niners are back after the beatdown they gave the Jets last week. The defense will be able to contain Ryan Fitzpatrick and the high flying Bills offense. The main issue for the Bills is their defense. They are giving up 400 yards and 33 points a game. We all saw that this Niners squad can put up those type of numbers against a much better Jets defense last week. This one isn’t close, Niners by at least 14.

CHARGERS over Saints

Speaking of bad defenses, the Saints will try not to embarass themselves when Philip Rivers and company come to town. This Saints defense is bad enough that Ryan Matthews may even have a good game. Drew Brees will need everything in his bag of tricks to help his team stay close with the Chargers. He almost pulled out a win against the Packers last week. Unfortunatly for him though, he won’t be playing against the Packers defense. Chargers will win by ten.

Texans over JETS

The Texans have the most complete team in the league. The Jets? Not so much. The Jets will have trouble scoring for the second straight week, and will do their best to not get shut out two weeks in a row. Matt Shaub and company will march up and down the field. Look for Andre Johnson to be moved around the field enough that Antonio Cromartie will have an easier time remembering his kids names than finding Johnson on the field. Texans win in a blowout.

Ha! For all you naysayers out there that don’t exist, I got it done! And in time for the Thursday night game. We’ll see how we do this week.

Record: 3-2